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BP Series – Broad Bandwidth Bandpass Filters

BP250 Deep-to-Near-UV Bandpass Filter


The BP250 Near-UV Bandpass Filter for Machine Vision is a very broadband UV filter, mainly intended for deep-UV imaging. It is the only MidOpt UV filter available that offers excellent visible and near-IR blocking (≤0.1% abs. ≥400nm; ≤0.06% abs. ≥415nm), thus making it best suited to distinguish features or characteristics that are only visible under UV illumination.

Offered in a limited number of sizes, and not intended for use with standard CCD/CMOS cameras that do not image deep into the UV spectrum.

BP324 Near-UV Bandpass Filter


Useful in UV imaging applications, BP324 filters have a broad spectral bandwidth in the UV while effectively blocking most visible and infrared light. Note that there is a slight deep red/near IR leak that peaks at about 720nm. Because this filter absorbs all unwanted visible and/or infrared light, it is not recommended for placement in front of intense (white) light sources.

BN Series – Narrow Bandwidth Bandpass Filters

BN450 Narrow Indigo Bandpass Filter


BN450 is commonly used in fluorescence applications with an emission ranging from (430-460nm), it is suitable for use in LED or laser diode applications with higher than normal ambient lighting conditions and is less sensitive to angle of incidence variations than traditional interference filters. The BN450 is an ideal filter for applications utilizing 450nm blue laser triangulation sensors.