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Machine Vision Direct Downloads is a resource site from Machine Vision Direct, the online ecommerce store for the leading brands in Machine Vision. This site is intended to provide our customers with easy access to datasheets, STEP Models, DXF/DWG Drawings, PDF Dimension Drawings, and any other valuable resources necessary to implement our products properly. If you are looking for our main ite, please visit

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Midwest Optical Systems


Manufacturer of Machine Vision Bandpass Filters, Longpass Filters, Shortpass Filters, NIR Cut Filters, Neutral Density Filters, Polarizers, Diffusers, Acrylic Filters, Light Balancing Filters, 90 Degree Adapters, Cleaning Kits, Step Up Adapters, Step Down Adapters, and more.

Smart Vision Lights


Manufacturer of Machine Vision lighting including Linear Bar Lights, Dark Field Ring Lights, Bright Field Ring Lights, Dome Lights, Spot Lights, Prox Lights, Brick Lights, Coaxial Lights, Structured Lights, Logistics Lights, Robotics Lights and Washdown Lights