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Components Express Inc, commonly known as CEI, creates top-tier quality cabling to interconnect machine vision components from GigE and USB3 Cameras to M12 and M8 industrial cables to Ethernet. Components Express affords us the unique ability to specify cable length and both connectors and even connector orientation for nearly all your cable needs.

The customization allows the cables to work for you rather than rearranging your setup to match “standard” off-the-shelf cabling. Nearly all connectors are available in a 90­° elbow version in addition to straight, which aids low clearance setups. IO connectors with keying features like M12 and M8 can be configured with angles between 0­­­° and 180° from straight.

In addition to a lengthy list of connector options, you have your choice of several jacket and conductor options to support the signal integrity and flexibility you need!

Components Express

Machine Vision Cables

Components Express Cables differentiate from the market by having high standards for production and manufacturing. These cables are good enough to go to space!

Components Express can make every cable needed for your machine vision needs and Machine Vision Direct can ship it to you

fabricated here in the united states at woodridge illinois. CEI utilizes highly technical distributors LIKE MACHINE VISION DIRECT to better service the local market and industries

Components Express cables are offered for sale both through Machine Vision Direct’s innovative web store for customers who know what they need, as well as through consultation and traditional procurement through Machine Vision Direct’s engineering, sales, and customer service teams. MVD is a leading distributor for Components Express and excels at OEM solutions for customers focusing on projects from Automotive Manufacturing to Agriculture/Farming, Autonomous Vehicles, Logistics, Parcel Singulation, Robotics, and more.

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Machine Vision Direct offers far beyond what our standard offering is on Many customers need customization beyond what can be configured on our website. Contact us at or (800) 834-5588 to talk to our sales or engineering staff, who can assist with designing semi-custom and custom solutions for your needs.

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Fully Custom Solutions

Total Custom Solutions are available for applications where an out-of-the-box solution will not work. Are you looking for a combination of connectors and coming up empty handed? Machine Vision Direct can provide fully custom machine vision interconnect solutions.

Semi-Custom Solutions

Sometimes the missing link to a solution can be as small as guidance on the best cable choice. Contact Machine Vision Direct, and we’ll help you pick the components for the job!

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Machine Vision Cabling

Components Express, Inc. (CEI), established in 1992 is a leading manufacturer and total solution provider for demanding connectivity, enclosure and mounting technology in the Vision and Industrial Automation Ecosystem. Mission Critical solutions have been provided for demanding environments in various industries including medical, industrial, robotic, military, aerospace, telecom, and automotive industries.