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EFFILUX is a rising star in Machine Vision Illumination. Designed and built in Les Ulis, France, Effilux Machine Vision Lights manufactures LED lighting solutions for any type of machine vision or automation camera application.

Effilux offers internal drivers – reducing cost, simplifying wiring requirements, and making for the quickest installations possible in the field. As of October 2018, Effilux is owned by CCS Group, a subsidiary of Optex Group. CCS Group has been developing, manufacturing, and selling innovative lighting and control units since 1993

Headquartered in France, Effilux and its sales subsidiary (located in Germany) specialized in developing, manufacturing, and selling LED lighting for machine vision image processing applications in Europe before beginning it’s global expansion. Effilux offers a specific product lineup and custom capability corresponding to market needs and customers’ requests. Effilux sells, services, and consults through distribution, with Machine Vision Direct being a distributor in North America.

Effilux Lights

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Effilux differentiates from the market by being an industry leader through its integrated driver technology.

Effilux's product offering spans a breadth of solutions for virtually any vision application.

Made in France, Effilux offers common and OEM solutions through partners like machine vision direct.

Effilux is offered for sale through Machine Vision Direct. MVD offers consultation and traditional procurement through Machine Vision Direct’s engineering, sales, and customer service teams. MVD is a rising distributor for Effilux and CCS and excels at OEM solutions for customers focusing on projects from Automotive Manufacturing to Agriculture/Farming, Autonomous Vehicles, Logistics, Parcel Singulation, Robotics, and more.

We Design & Sell Lights

Machine Vision Direct offers far beyond what our standard offering is on Many customers need customization beyond what can be configured on our website. Contact us at or (800) 834-5588 to talk to our sales or engineering staff, who can assist with designing semi-custom and custom solutions for your needs.

Effilux Lights from Machine Vision Direct
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Fully Custom Solutions

Total Custom Solutions are available for applications where an out-of-the-box solution will not work. Machine Vision Direct can provide fully custom machine vision lighting solutions.

Semi-Custom Solutions

Sometimes the missing link to a solution can be as small as a custom polarizer, an integrated diffuser, a non-standard LED wavelength, a custom cordset/connector, or even just a custom OEM Part Number. Machine Vision Direct excels at making these simple customizations to Effilux Lights.

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Founded in 2009 and beginning its global expansion in 2018, Effilux has been building its name as a comprehensive solutions provider in the Machine Vision Game. Their unique lens configuration that allows incredible flexibility in the field creates a top-of-the-line experience for customers looking to get the most bang for their buck and trying to reduce SKUs.