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Opto Engineering

Opto Engineering® THE TELECENTRIC COMPANY has evolved throughout the years, releasing hundreds of new, diverse products and developing multiple areas of expertise. Today OPTO Engineering can proudly say that they specialize in OPTICAL IMAGING TECHNOLOGIES.

Opto Engineering’s focus is to build and provide every single component needed to solve imaging applications: starting from the optical know-how and going through competence in lighting, Opto can supply the best combination of tools available on the machine vision market: optics, lighting, industrial cameras and software.

For all these reasons Opto Engineering® has become a partner of choice in high-end optical applications for many of the major machine vision companies worldwide. Opto Engineering


Opto Engineering

Machine Vision Cameras, Telecentric Lenses, Lights, and more.

Telecentric Lenses

Opto Engineering® offers an extensive portfolio of precision telecentric optics to answer all your needs: from standard to high resolution and line scan, from classic designs to compact and flat ones. Moreover, a wide range of magnifications and working distances is available, not to mention all our specialties including telecentric optics with liquid lenses, optical benches, multi-mag lenses and more.

Custom Optics

Need to see the unreachable? Opto Engineering and Machine Vision Direct can provide custom solutions to see around corners, inside parts, 360 Degree Horizontal Field of Views and more.

GigE Vision Cameras

ITALA G is a series of GigE vision industrial cameras designed and manufactured in Italy by Opto Engineering®. Combining a robust and reliable design with excellent value for money, these cameras are suitable for any imaging application.

The ITALA G series integrates high quality Sony Pregius and Pregius S CMOS sensors ranging from the most commonly used II generation with 3.45 µm pixels to the most recent IV generation with 2.74 µm pixels.

Custom Solutions

Machine Vision Direct offers far beyond what our standard offering is on Many customers need customization beyond what can be configured on our website. Contact us at or (800) 834-5588 to talk to our sales or engineering staff, who can assist with designing semi-custom and custom solutions for your needs.

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Fully Custom Solutions

Total Custom Solutions are available for applications where an out-of-the-box solution will not work. Machine Vision Direct can provide fully custom machine vision solutions.

Semi-Custom Solutions

Sometimes the missing link to a solution can be as small as guidance. Contact Machine Vision Direct, and we’ll help you pick the components for the job!

Opto Engineering | The Telecentric Lens People

Opto Engineering was born in September 2002, founded in Mantua by Claudio Sedazzari. The founder have gained a long-standing experience as consultants in the field of machine vision. The newborn company starts to operate in the field of industrial optics by providing design services to companies in a variety of fields such as machine vision, sensors, lighting, lasers, safety and electro-medical equipment.