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The Swivellink® product line originally started out with a need to mount operator start buttons onto custom-built industrial machinery. The design of the original components needed to be robust and flexible. The goal was to protect the expensive button and route the quick
disconnect the cable internally because a simple wire break or damaged button can cause hours of costly production downtime.

Soon after it was designed, others quickly saw the value in it as well, and sales took off without much effort. The Swivellink® product was unique and offered multiple benefits.  They added solutions to mount cameras, sensors, lights, robotic end-of-arm tooling, and more.  Swivellink® is offered in 3 different sizes, XS, Standard, & Heavy Duty, and comes in Metric or Imperial.


Intelligently Designed Mounts

Swivellink mounting arms are the preferred choice for mounting vision products. Several sizes, wire-management support, and ease of use are a few of the many reasons why!

A nearly countless list of manufactures components is supported by the Swivellink library. Advanced Illumination, Allen-Bradley, Banner, Matrox, Cognex, and more!

Component mounting isn't the entire story. With their engineering and manufacturing prowess, Swivellink also allows us to provide conveyor solutions.

Distributed worldwide, Swivellink® products have been used for hundreds of different applications in all types of industries. They continue to design a flexible product line that solves automation problems intelligently.

With the compatibility tools Swivellink® has developed, you can quickly find products that integrate with what you have on hand. Omit the guesswork and get only what you need!


Mounting Plates, Arms, and More!

Machine Vision Direct offers far beyond what our standard offering is on Many customers need customization beyond what can be configured on our website for Fujinon Lenses. Contact us at or (800) 834-5588 to talk to our sales or engineering staff, who can assist with designing semi-custom and custom solutions for your needs.

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Fully Custom Solutions

Total Custom Solutions are available for applications where an out-of-the-box solution will not work. Do you need an array of attachment options and cannot find the perfect one? Contact Machine Vision Direct, and we will put together fully custom mounting solutions for you.

Semi-Custom Solutions

Sometimes the missing link to a solution can be as small as guidance the best options. Contact Machine Vision Direct, and we’ll help you pick the right array of Swivellink components for your job!

Swivellink |
The best way to mount
cameras, lights, and more.

If you’re mounting automation components, Swivellink is the best way you can do it. Their combination of varying-sized links, plates, bases, and knuckles allows you to put lights or sensors exactly where you need them.